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Ruby Bridges

“She just marched along like a little soldier,” said a federal marshal.

Ruby Bridges was a courageous six year old girl,

Who went to a school for white children,

And who was escorted to school,By federal marshals,

Through a mob of angry white people,

Who wanted to hurt her


“We’re going to poison you until you choke to death,” a white woman told Ruby Bridges.

Ruby Bridges refused to eat anything except packaged foods,

Because she was worried that she would be poisoned,

By angry white people,

Who wanted to kill,

A little six year old girl,

That was going to a white school

“My mom said not to play with you because you’re a nigger,” a white boy told Ruby Bridges.

The parents of the white children,

Pulled their children out of the school

Ruby Bridges was the only child in her class,

And only one teacher was willing to teach her,

For a year,

But after a year,

All the white children came back



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